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Lubna Foods Ltd is a family owned wholesale cash and carry business which was established in 1973. We supply an extensive range of food, drink and tobacco goods to Independent Retailers and Caterers.

Lubna Cash and Carry operates 2 depots located in Bradford. Our main depot is situated at 164 Garnett Street. The 70,000 sq. ft. depot stocks over 5000 food and drinks products. Our other depot is situated within St James Wholesale Market.

The Lubna Cash and Carry business is a member of Today’s, the UK’s leading buying consortium enabling extensive sourcing of national and international brands. As a result we are able to offer competitive prices. We aim to always provide the best service, catering to all our customers requirements - speak to the depot manager about specific requirements.

We are able to offer our clients the option of having mixed containers and benefit from our extensive range of over 5000 products ranging from drinks and snacks to specialty Ethnic products and general household goods. Currently, we export to France, Holland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy as well as the USA and Canada. We are therefore able to recommend efficient and competitive freight rates to almost any destination worldwide.

Retail Club

Today’s Retail Club (TRC) is an advanced loyalty programme which improves the offers from suppliers, as well as the store image for the retailer, in return for a degree of compliance from the retailer. The element of compliance relates, primarily, to supporting the 3-weekly national promotion.

Benefits of TRC

  • Increased foot-fall: In addition to improved offers every three weeks, you will receive personalised consumer leaflets for door-to-door distribution immediately before each promotion begins. Existing TRC members confirm that this enhances the image of their store as well as increasing footfall from their current customers and by attracting new ones. And, of course, once the customer has been attracted to visit your store, there is every likelihood that they will buy additional products whilst they’re in there – and begin to use your store on a more frequent basis.
  • POS Material: Professionally-printed ‘Point Of Sale’ kits are supplied with each promotion – including full-colour window posters and shelf edge talkers
  • Extra deals: As a TRC member, you will receive regular ‘one-off deals’ and ‘multi-buy offers’ across a wide range of well-known, branded products
  • Helpful Advice: We have a team of highly-experienced Business Development Executives who are each responsible for a number of TRC members; calling to see you on a regular basis to give advice, sort out queries and make sure that you are getting the best out of the Today’s Retail Club.
  • Long Term Relationships: At Lubna, we are passionate about developing good, long-term relationships with each of our customers – and being a member of the TRC helps to strengthen that partnership.
  • The Benefit of Experience: The Business Development Executives have all been with us for several years and have a wealth of experience both in the grocery trade and in retailing.
  • They work exclusively with the management team Lubna cash and carry and, together, they are constantly exploring ways to help build and develop your business – on the basis that if you’re successful, so will we be; it’s a win-win situation.

So if you’re interested in finding out more, why not complete the simple TRC application form and either fax it, e-mail it or drop it in at Reception in our cash and Carry.

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